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Alysia Hush on stage at Silvana's in New York City


Alysia Hush is a stand up, improv, and sketch comedian and writer based New York City.  She performs regularly at clubs and at colleges across the US.  She has been a featured performer at New York Pride festival and have performed on SI TV and Bric TV.  She is the producer of Comedy Ugly, a stand up strip show in Brooklyn. 

 Hailing from Texas, Alysia Hush has been performing stand up and improv in New York City since moving to New York in 20-something or other (she forgets).  She has lived and performed in Australia and New Zealand and if you dig hard enough you will likely find proof of her brief stint as a singer in Melbourne.  


In her personal life she has no siblings and owns two fish, Laura and Mary.  Laura is a real asshole.  


Most of this is a lie, you can be whomever you want on the Internet. 

This video has been deleted.
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